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5 Steps to meet regulatory compliance across your supply chain

Emily Devereux 2 months ago

5 Steps to meet regulatory compliance across your supply chain

Strengthening Governance & Compliance

As always, the pace of change is unprecedented. Services continue to be delivered faster and cheaper than ever before, increasing how many vendors organisations are using and for differing and new services affecting how large the supply chain has potentially become. It remains that the most commonly outsourced services are either technical (information technology) or financial (accounting services) in nature. Consolidation activity and cost containment continue to be top-of-mind issues for most organisations.

As organisations outsourcing continues to grow, so does the risk associated. It is a challenge and ongoing burden for an organisation to achieve, maintain, and demonstrate regulatory compliance against their supply chain. There is a growing need to show substantial evidence and auditing measures across numerous regulations and law enforcements throughout a number of industries and geographies. Therefore, presenting a large burden on legal and compliance teams to ensure contracts are compliant against these requirements making adaptation difficult.

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