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Brooklyn Vendor Assurance Appoints new CTMO

Emily Devereux 1 year ago

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance Appoints new CTMO

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance introduces a new senior hire to lead the company through the next phase of technology and marketing innovation.

Nick Francis, the newly appointed Chief Technology and Marketing Officer (CTMO) of Brooklyn Vendor Assurance will oversee the technology direction and execution across the company, ensuring the adoption and exploitation of technology and operational excellence throughout our practices. Nick will be responsible for the technical architecture of the organisation and the UK and EMEA marketing strategy. Continuous development of the product direction, aligning with the brand identity of Brooklyn Vendor Assurance, is vital for the company.

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance’s vision is to be a dominant leader in the vendor management space. Currently, there is no framework to define optimised vendor management. Continuous growth from organisations resulting in outsourced services causes challenges to maintain transparency. Constant requirements for industries to adapt and improve to meet the social demands of topics including sustainability, governance, diversity and inclusion, require this visibility from suppliers, to ensure all outsourcing is compliant with the companies’ values. Therefore, businesses need a dedicated team, an optimised process framework, and a robust operating model. Ensuring this visibility is crucial to comply with the ever-changing regulations. 

"Within this role, I plan to continuously develop the product, utilising market research and optimise iterations to delight existing and new customers of the capabilities of Brooklyn as a platform. Additionally, I will focus on accomplishing our key accreditations including SOC 2, becoming compliant and accredited to a high standard”.

Nick, Chief Technology and Marketing Officer at Brooklyn Vendor Assurance

“I hope to establish a scientific data-driven approach to the current execution of our go-to-market strategy: including the channels in which we communicate with prospective customers and those in the discipline of supply management. My focus is to create a community and become a trusted thought leader, in which the solution that Brooklyn Vendor Assurance provides.” Nick Francis, CTMO at Brooklyn Vendor Assurance. “ It is essential we utilise this community to gain insight into the industry and build this into our product vision innovating the platform.”

With previous experience in the lead of technical and engineering-based global functions, defining processes and policies within a target operating model, Nick joins to optimise the existing processes within BVA to build the brand, reputation, and service delivered to prospects and customers. 

Watch the full interview with Nick Francis, newly appointment Chief Technology and Marketing Officer, here.

“ I am delighted to enter this new role and look forward to managing this combined function, to connect our product development cycles directly with our target customer and the market, learning further from our prospects, partners and existing customers, and increasing overall brand awareness." 

Nick, CTMO at Brooklyn Vendor Assurance

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Brooklyn Vendor Assurance solution is an AI-powered VendorOps platform enables and automates compliance, innovation, sustainability, and maximum value for money across all managed suppliers. It streamlines and automates vital aspects of managing Contracts, Risk, Performance, Relationship, Compliance, Innovation, and ESG/Sustainability.

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