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SpendMatters PRO: Brooklyn Vendor Assurance: Analysis Brief

Jesse Lee 1 year ago

SpendMatters PRO: Vendor Analysis

Spend Matters SaaS software analysts take a look into the Brooklyn Vendor Assurance supplier management solution and how it is changing the way supplier management gets done.

“BVA scored at the top of the SolutionMap Customer benchmark against supplier management vendors for its:

  • pricing/affordability,
  • quick deployment,
  • ability to maximize savings,
  • ability to maximize spend under management,
  • return on investment,
  • total cost of ownership,
  • business value,
  • end-user experience/ ease of use,
  • unique capabilities,
  • process expertise,
  • compliance expertise,
  • best fit for cross-functional needs,
  • category depth,
  • industry expertise,
  • innovation,
  • ability to cater to customers’ specific needs, and
  • configurability.

“It did not score below the Customer benchmark in any applicable category.”

BVA offers a high degree of composable activity, which is automated once initially configured. This all happens as a matter of composable workflow and end-user configuration, with the vendor manager getting alerts and having more facts in hand before assessing the situation.

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“On a scale of 1-10, the likelihood that the customer would recommend BVA was a 10 for each respondent.

One customer noted that BVA ‘genuinely [has] the best bunch of people to look after my digital needs.‘ Another customer referred to BVA as ‘swift and precise‘ when collaborating with customer requirements, while another shared a similar strength and added that BVA’s collaboration ‘helps them mature their solution and delivers greater functionality for us as a team.’


Benchmark Top Score: 17 Categories Spend Matters

"BVA scored at the top of the SolutionMap Customer benchmark against supplier management vendors [across 17 categories]."

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