Fully Digitised Contract Management with VendorOps

Fully digistise & automate contract onboarding at any scale, tuned to your industry needs.

VendorOps: Automating Contract and Obligation Management

Challenges we see today include disjointed repositories and a lack of clear vision on contractual agreements, causing an average of 10-15% contract value leakage. BVA Contract Management automates and streamlines the work of managing vendor performance against contracts and obligations. Automate the review processes for obligations, deliverables, and responsibilities, across an immutable audit trail.

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BVA Foundation

Launch your vendor management needs to enable a best practice Vendor Management Framework, tailored around simple governance processes. Automate performance metrics and management, with BrooklynVA.

BVA Risk

Strengthen the future of existing Vendor Management capabilities by bringing forward Risk Management mechanisms such as Risk Modelling and Mitigation Tracking.

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