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Boost enterprise compliance against industry standards with BVA Outsourcing

Automate Regulatory Compliance with Brooklyn Vendor Assurance

Financial Services firms struggle to achieve, maintain, and demonstrate regulatory compliance against their outsourcing agreements. BVA drives the regulatory compliance needed to run operational best practices and key governance processes, keeping your outsourced compliance and management teams at all times fit for audit. Achieve and sustain compliance against the EBA Outsourcing guidelines quickly, at a reduced cost. Reduce vendor risk, and mitigate penalties and reputational damage, with our EBA Outsourcing Module.

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Across our three core VendorOps principles, we bring maximum value to the business, by bringing forward tools to support the front-line in managing contracts, third-party risk, and governance.

BVA Foundation

Launch your vendor management needs to enable a best practice Vendor Management Framework, tailored around simple governance processes. Automate performance metrics and management, with BrooklynVA.

BVA Contract

Onboard and analyse supplier contracts with BrooklynVA's AI-powered Smart Onboarding Engine. Use BrooklynVA as a centralised platform to manage Vendor Relationship, Contract, and Performance Management.

BVA Risk

Strengthen the future of VendorOps by bringing forward Risk Management mechanisms such as Risk Modelling and Mitigation Tracking.

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