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Contract & Risk Management Summit

Emily Devereux 6 months ago

We recently attended the Contract & Risk Management Summit in Lisbon hosted by CParity Events. Throughout the conference we heard from cross industry leaders on how complex contract management processes have become, and failure to optimise these processes effectively can result in high-level risk. Contract’s are the foundation of customer – supplier relationships and impact multiple functions across the business, therefore ensuring the current procedures and risk assessments helps to protect business by mitigating risks and maximise value.

Jesse Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of Brooklyn Vendor Assurance, shares his insight from the conference on current strategies for mitigating risk, customer – supplier relationships, managing risk throughout the supply chain and utilising technology to digitise your processes for contract and risk management.


Danske Bank Case Study: Journey to World Class Vendor Management and 2 x Efficiency

On Day One at the Contract & Risk Management Summit, Danske Bank shared their story on how they utilised technology to effectively double the number of contracts they can mange and reach world class vendor management.


Using the Brooklyn tool, Danske Bank were able to:

  • Deliver against EBA outsourcing governance and Danish FSA regulatory compliance
  • Gain a holistic view of vendors
  • Double their efficiency of contract management

Want to learn more about how BVA was able to help Danske Bank?


Contract Obligations and Risk Controls: Gaining Transparency and Driving Best Practice through Unmanaged Vendor Tail

How do you utilise best practices and scale them into the thousands of suppliers across the vendor tail?

During the Contract & Risk Management Summit, Brooklyn Vendor Assurance held a open discussion on gaining transparency and driving best practice through the unmanaged vendor tail. The discussion includes ideas such as taking owner of contract and risk creating P and L pressure, and how to utilise technology to take the digital advance to identify ownership of obligations within a contract and managing the risk throughout the relationship.

Here’s more insight about the session from Jesse Lee, CEO & CoFounder of Brooklyn Vendor Assurance. 

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