Sustainable Supply Chain Management. Out of the box.

Embed and digitise the value pillars of sustainability, via the Positive Impact Commerce System.

In Partnership with Positive Impact Commerce (PIC)

We deliver the PIC Impact Management System to empower sustainable value decisions amongst the entirety of the supply chain. We aim to encourage business leaders to make decisions in harmony with people, the planet, and society when it matters most, solving the universal problem seen across ESG disclosure programmes.

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BVA Foundation

Launch your vendor management needs to enable a best practice Vendor Management Framework, tailored around simple governance processes. Automate performance metrics and management, with BrooklynVA.

BVA Contract

Onboard and analyse supplier contracts with BrooklynVA's AI-powered Smart Onboarding Engine. Use BrooklynVA as a centralised platform to manage Vendor Relationship, Contract, and Performance Management.

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