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Effective Post-Contract Management

Emily Devereux 2 months ago

Effective Post-Contract Management

A repeatable and scalable approach to Contract Management for the Modern Enterprise focused on assuring business value Post-Contract.

We recently attended an event focused on Contract and Risk Management. It was a great event; however, it reinforced for our team that whenever there is an event or talk of contract management, it is typically synonymous with the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) category. In doing so, majority of the attendees and the agenda will attract a particular crowd.

Typically, in this situation, we see legal-centric attendees focused almost exclusively on pre-contract processes, wanting to discover how to accelerate or result in a more efficient and digitised contract creation process. This is great for those focused on the legal elements of the process. However, in our experience, the more significant challenges we have seen occur after the deal has been signed!

Over the last decade, the Brooklyn team have been involved with dozens of post-contract implementations, talking with hundreds of prospects and customers. It has arisen that 90% of the significant risks within contract management will either manifest or crystallise Post-Contract when in the delivery stage.

This Whitepaper deep dives into the seven elements of contract management to obtain success during deal delivery. each element, defining what it entails, the expectation and the best owner within the business to conduct each phase.

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About the Author

Nick Francis, Chief Technology and Marketing Officer at Brooklyn Vendor Assurance

Nick Francis is a well-established and experienced CxO delivering Digital & Security-focused Transformation through the design, build, and deployment of cost-effective, highly automated industry-leading solutions. Nick has experience working across the private and public sectors in industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, Legal, Utilities, Retail, Public Sector and Government. Specialised in transformation activity to optimise processes, operational expenditure, and increase productivity. Significant experience in compliance, risk & control activities in highly regulated industries, standardisation of technologies, streamlining of internal processes and continuous improvement driving consistency and efficiency across an organisation whilst holding Customer, Colleague and Partner experience at a premium.

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