E-Meet - Software For Automated Vendor Management

Fit for Vendor Management at Any Scale

Cloud-based SaaS designed to augment existing resources at scale

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance is here to help your business combat unnecessary vendor management processes at any scale. Built on ensuring businesses stay ahead, BVA assists clients not only to engage your vendor tail but utilizes considered and enforced logic to draw out where you need to be concerned for any vendor response topic.

How it works 

BVA’s E-meet reduces extensive manual vendor management workload by introducing automated management across: Vendor Tail Business Reviews, Pre-Meeting Content Capture, Periodic Process Refresh Follow-Ups, Strategic Innovation Forums, Regulatory Compliance Checks and more. By applying E-meet to the workspace, businesses reduce the burden on their teams to perform manual outreach. Instead allowing them to focus on high priority tasks.

100% Fit for Audit

Remain fit for audit whilst also automating your processes.


E-Meet is also compliant with PRA/EBA Policies.

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