Adapting to Remote Working – Onboarding Contracts At Scale with BrooklynVA

Ethan Healy 3 years ago

Adapting to Remote Working – Onboarding Contracts At Scale with BrooklynVA

In our post-coronavirus world, remote working, digital automation, and cost optimization are must-haves. In this post, we cover how BrooklynVA’s Smart Onboarding Engine (SOE) delivers on all these aspirations and discovers key elements of a contract.

Today’s remote, digitised workforce managing the supply chain needs to drive much better collaboration and transparency amongst three areas – relationships with the business, insights across existing contractual agreements, and effective negotiations pre-reward.

Based on a report from IACCM on the Business Impact of Coronavirus: Emergence, recent events have seen an increase of 8 percent in the re-evaluation of terms and conditions in existing or future contracts [1], overall rising to 72% of surveyed participants affected. Contract managers need fast, accurate, and machine-assisted insights across their contracts, and across their entire supply chain.  This in turn calls for ML- and AI-assisted discovery and follow-on digitised workflow, across the entire contract portfolio.

Adapting onboarding processes to highlight anomalies in the contract, including high-risk information and outstanding gaps to third-party compliance, will only help to drive best-possible contract management in the agreements held with the vendor. Staying in front of the curve and using artificial intelligence to manipulate existing and future contractual agreements will help businesses to shape better means of finding contextual information relative to the ongoing management of a contract.

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance drives exactly these outcomes.  Use Brooklyn to gather instant information amongst your contracts, all done via same-day onboarding.

If you wish to find out more about our Smart Onboarding Engine, and the intelligence it brings forward to help shape and onboard vendor and contracts efficiently, please request a demo here and our Sales Team will be in touch to schedule some time with you.

[1] IACCM Report – Business Impact of Coronavirus: Emergence prepared by Tim Cummins, President, IACCM

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