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Partner Success Story within the Utilities Sector

Ethan Healy 2 years ago

Partner Success Story – Astute IT and Brooklyn Vendor Assurance

Technology Cost Optimisation within the Utilities Sector.

Partner / Customer Profile

One of Brooklyn Vendor Assurance’s most trusted partners, Astute IT, is a new breed of consulting and services company focused on Cloud-based business enablement technologies. Their core services are centered on Technology Spend Optimisation, including Technology Business Management (TBM), as well as Digital Workplace Transformation and Cybersecurity/Risk Management.

Astute IT’s success in supporting a large utility provider entailed optimisation work against the provider’s critical vendor-supplied services and contractual agreements underpinning key business processes that have a heavy reliance on IT.  Astute IT-led an optimisation journey, making technology cost reductions a key contributor to the business bottom line. Astute IT relied on Brooklyn to bolster transparency and improved workflow models amongst supply chain cost and governance across those agreements.

The Challenge

A particular challenge within this space is regulatory compliance, such as ‘OJEU’, which affects high-value contracts. The business faced a mounting challenge to control their IT costs and rationalise their vendor landscape, but a lack of visibility or robust process meant this could not be done alone.

Issues included:

  • Contracts, POs, and Financial data not aligned; spread across disparate spreadsheets
  • Little to no supplier governance due to weak process and poor data
  • Low visibility on actual contract and vendor costs
  • Unsanctioned purchases, out-of-compliance contracts, and ‘Shadow IT’ hitting the IT budget

The Solution

Astute IT assessed the current data and process maturity and began vigorous data consolidation exercises with the support of Brooklyn to build context behind the vendor spend.  Astute IT engaged with key stakeholders to understand their pain points and employed an agile sprint methodology (”The Astute Way”) to renegotiate contracts in quarterly rounds.

The team delivered quick wins while keeping the client in control, due to a weekly IT leadership Governance Forum. At the end of the initial engagement, they began implementation and integration of Brooklyn and Apptio Vendor Insights™ which consolidates IT and financial data to provide a transparent picture of the vendor and contract portfolio, in order to gather this data and identify gaps in the total spend and any purchases made which were not yet sanctioned.

The Result

With the support of the Brooklyn SaaS solution across the initial engagement, Astute IT achieved high savings that impacted the IT bottom line across multiple financial years. On average, the team paid for itself roughly every 6 days of the engagement. They successfully integrated Brooklyn in parallel with the implementation of Apptio Vendor Insights™ in just under 5 weeks.  The end result was an IT portfolio with a £20m-reduced OpEx, and a client on a more mature plateau of its own IT financial and supplier management.

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