Vendor Management Innovation

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Brooklyn Vendor Assurance supports the full Vendor Management LifeCycle.

How We Deliver VendorOps

How does your business position themselves against the key areas of VendorOps? Do you hold the key capabilities needed to cover the whole spectrum of a vendor relationship? Brooklyn Vendor Assurance supports the key areas surrounding Contract, Risk, Performance and Relationship Management across the supply chain. Aligned to the future of technology and all your IT Roadmap objectives through a single platform.

Explore VendorOps Opportunity

Through our three core VendorOps principles, we bring maximum value to the business, by bringing forward tools to support the front-line in managing contracts, third-party risk, and governance.

BVA Foundation

Launch your vendor management needs to enable a best practice Vendor Management Framework, tailored around simple governance processes. Automate performance metrics and management, with BrooklynVA.

BVA Contract

Onboard and analyse supplier contracts with BrooklynVA's AI-powered Smart Onboarding Engine. Use BrooklynVA as a centralised platform to manage Vendor Relationship, Contract, and Performance Management.

BVA Risk

Strengthen the future of Enterprise Vendor Management by bringing forward Risk Management mechanisms such as Risk Modelling and Mitigation Tracking.

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