Same Day On-Boarding

Brooklyn is designed at every layer for quick onboarding and intuitive, self-directed ease of use.

Smart On-Boarding at Scale

"No matter where you start, the Brooklyn team will provide simple data guidance describing exactly what data you need and what beyond that is recommended. Gathering what you need for the Relationship Product Module should take no more than two hours. Populating Brooklyn with this data, including training one or two of your power users along the way in the basics, should take no more than six hours." - Jesse Lee - CEO, Brooklyn Vendor Assurance

Explore VendorOps Opportunities

BVA Contract

Onboard and analyse supplier contracts with BrooklynVA's AI-powered Smart Onboarding Engine. Use BrooklynVA as a centralised platform to manage Vendor Relationship, Contract, and Performance Management.

BVA Risk

Strengthen the future of Enterprise Vendor Management by bringing forward Risk Management mechanisms such as Risk Modelling and Mitigation Tracking.

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