Fully-managed VendorOps Powered Vendor Management Office

Ensure compliance across all in-scope contracts.

BVA Fully-managed VendorOps Powered Vendor Management Office

As individual services, our 5 options provide significant benefits, but only by layering up all offerings into a fully managed VMO can you take advantage of our value-added services such as full Segmentation, Policy Management and Contractual Obligation Assurance. The five service offerings layer seamlessly to provide the base data required for the BVA assurance team to measure and assure our customers of complete compliance across all the in-scope contracts. Our fully managed service offering will be discounted in line with how much you currently spend annually on the BVA platform (all coordinated by a dedicated senior VMO manager). The minimum term commitment is 12 months covering 100 contracts for £4000 per month Vendor Tail management can be added to the fully managed solution, price will be made available upon request

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Vendor Management Maturity Benchmark

Benchmark your current maturity against 7 discipline best practice aligned framework and know where your next steps should be focusing on.

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