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Upcoming Webinar: Danske Bank’s Transformation Journey into a Centre of Excellence

Ethan Healy 3 years ago

How Danske Bank creates supply chain resilience and value via its Vendor Management Centre of Excellence

In this webinar, moderated by the CIPS Supply Management Insider, we look at how it is crucial to ensure better vendor management within any organisation.

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance is pleased to let you know of our upcoming webinar with our trusted customer and partner, Danske Bank Group, moderated by the Chartered Insititute of Procurement and Supply: Supply Management (CIPS SM). Join us on Tuesday 23rd June, at 3pm until 4pm BST, where we will talk about how Danske Bank have combined best practices and disciplines across Contract, Performance, Service and Front-line Risk Management into one orchestrated Vendor Management Centre of Excellence.

In these times of change, best-practice vendor management is a differentiator among high-performing businesses. The thought leaders take a holistic approach, running integrated business processes that cover contractual and regulatory (when applicable) obligations, supply chain performance, frontline risk management, and innovation. They drive cost and process efficiencies and are an indispensable party to the strategic sourcing conversation.

Danske Bank has a Board-level goal of excellence in governance, compliance, security, and value realisation across its entire supply chain. It is in a transformation journey, with many lessons learned and with change underway.  Most recently, it has combined several supply-chain related functions that most companies still essentially run as silos.

Danske Bank has combined best practices and disciplines across contract management, performance management, service management, and frontline risk management into one orchestrated Vendor Management Centre of Excellence. It experiments and applies the advice of leading experts, and the results are coming into focus and highlighting a handsome return on investment.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • what has worked well and what pitfalls to avoid on Danske Bank’s own procurement transformation journey
  • how to make a business case for change
  • and the technology available to automate the practice of managing vendors.

This is a great opportunity for those in contract and vendor management to learn the key successes, as well as pitfalls to avoid, across the procurement transformation journey.

The webinar will also consist of some interactive sessions, including a live poll and conversations with leading subject matter experts on the digital transformation of procurement and supply chain management.

If you wish to register, please click here.

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