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Whitepaper: The 7 Principles of VendorOps and How to Apply Them

Nick Francis 1 year ago


In our latest whitepaper, we discover the 7 principles that are the driving force behind our VendorOps approach and how to apply them

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These headline topics include:                                 

  • What is VendorOps?
  • The VendorVerse Concept
  • The 7 Principles. Including Collaboration, Communication, Observability, Continual Improvement, Declarative Management and Automation
  • How to apply this
  • The Solution

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In recent years there has been growing support for Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) to become better integrated into the business and ultimately able to demonstrate the impact they can have on operating cost and the added value they help recognise. An increasing trend over the last few years that is now widely accepted is the need to put a greater emphasis on post-contract management of the whole supply chain and the vendors within it. Supplier collaboration is a key aspect of this activity to ensure that the initial value being delivered from the start of an agreement term doesn’t erode with more focus on how to nurture the relationship and actually start to increase the value realised over the term of the contract and beyond. 

Post-contract management has always lacked a fully defined and consistent approach, that outlines the steps required to establish and maintain a function that can be regularly benchmarked in terms of maturity with a referenceable best practise framework.

VendorOps is an approach and methodology that uses a set of defined principles. There are policies, processes, capabilities and platforms that can help to reinforce those principles and put them into practice acting as guide rails for any vendor management function. However, the platforms, policies and processes are just a means to an end. The end itself is VendorOps principles and embedding these into the values and behaviours of not only the vendor management function by the entire business and vendor landscape itself. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it and the benefits will start to flow incrementally faster than you might think, I guarantee it. 

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